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Top ranked school for learning the Art Of Tattooing

Best Tattoo Training Institute in India

Inkfinite Tattoo School is the ideal place for innovative tattoo designs. We also offer training for aspirant tattooists. Inkfinite Tattoo School is the leading training facility of Shiva Tattoos, Forearm Tattoos, Buddha Tattoos, Biceps Tattoos etc. We have India’s most experienced tattooist technicians overlooking our best tattoo training institute in india , as a result we continue offering excellence in training at all levels, from Beginners to Advanced. We thus offer a range of multidisciplinary courses as a result providing students with training in all aspects of our growing Tattoo Industry.

Most Trusted Tattoo Training in Nashik

We provide the finest tattoo education and encourages the growth in all aspects of our students’ lives. Our students are spiritually focused at tattoo training in Nashik. Both intellectually strong and socially confident. So they are ready to succeed in life. Nashik tattoo training institute teaches how to make a living but we teaches you how to live. Our reputation attracts even those not from creative field. Read More..
best tattoo training institute in india


The vision of our school is to show students the world of tattooing and giving them the chance to pursue their career within tattooing.


Our mission is to give our students different skills and knowledge along with support, confidence and embrace the art of tattooing.


Our aim is to offer excellence in training from Beginners to Advanced because we believe in perfection.

Learn The Art Of Tattoo

We will teach you the art to become an independent tattoo artist. Learn the master methodology which will transform you from beginners into professionals. Anyone can learn tattooing, but not everyone can become a perfectionist.

nashik tattoo training institute


Focuses only on the basics and fundamentals of tattoo art. So, it will provide you all the knowledge and information needed to do basic tattoos on real skin and real people.

nashik tattoo training institute


Career-oriented course in tattoo art as a result it will equip you with basics to intermediate level of tattoo techniques.

nashik tattoo training institute


Best career-oriented course in tattoo art because it will equip you with basics to advance level of tattoo techniques.

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Our school is known for our creativity and dedication to art, our students’ skills vary from traditional to realistic.

Learn real tattoo skills from India’s most successful tattoo artist. Learn how to turn your passion into a successful carrier.

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