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Inkfinite Tattoo School is an ideal place for innovative tattoo designs. As we are leading Tattoo School in India so we are able to offer training for aspirant tattooists. Inkfinite Tattoo School is the leading training facility of Shiva Tattoos. Also we provide training in Forearm Tattoos etc. We have India’s most experienced tattooist technicians overlooking our training courses. As a result we continue offering excellence in training at all levels, from Beginners to Advanced. Thus, we offer a range of multidisciplinary courses. We provide students training in all aspects of our growing Tattoo Industry. 

Looking for the Best Tattoo School in India?

It can be a rewarding, valuable and energizing career option to become a tattoo artist at tattoo school in Mumbai, particularly if you aren’t too keen on the rat race of a normal office career. Here we teach from beginners with no knowledge to experts who wants to gain the knowledge of new styles.

We provide the finest tattoo education and encourages the growth in all aspects of our students’ lives. Our students are spiritually focused. Both intellectually strong and socially confident. So they are ready to succeed in life.

Many tattoo schools teaches how to make a living but we teaches you how to live. Our reputation attracts even those not from creative field.


And why to choose Inkfinite Tattoo School Nashik?

At Inkfinite Tattoo Academy we will teach you how to develop customer relationships, how to plan your job portfolio and how to start your own tattoo business .

We offer a convenient solution to training and apprenticeship program. For a tattoo professional, this apprenticeship program is a valuable educational opportunity at Inkfinite tattoo school Nashik. By this program, you can find tattooing training more affordable and easily available.

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Qualified Lecturers

We have spent an impressive amount of time in tattooing. So it is seen in our tattoos and teaching techniques. Inkfinite Tattoo School teaches the correct and safe way to be professional Tattoo Artists.

Best Results

Our students have learned so much and become professional tattooists in a short time. Join our school to get the best learning experience.


With award winning teachers, we guarantee a unique and enjoyable learning journey into the world of Tattooing.

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