Expert Tattoo Courses
Duration: 90Days (5 Days a Week)
Course Fees: 70,000/- INR

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Expert Course

Duration: 90 Days (5 Days a Week)
Course Fees: 70,000/- INR

Expert tattoo courses complete tattoo courses equip Best career-oriented course and tattoo art because it will provide you with basics to advance the level of tattoo techniques. This expert tattoo course will facilitate you to match up to the highest professional standards in the tattoo industry providing you with extensive knowledge not only about how to tattoo but also about how to be a part of the professional tattoo business fraternity across the globe. This course blends tattooing with sterilization and aseptic techniques, blood-borne pathogens with tattoo shop safety, tattoo inks, and color theory. It introduces the coil machine and rotary machine, equipment and tools for those machines included. Inkfinite Tattoo School artists also cover tattoo shop operations and management, pricing and selling. Tattooing is best taught with theory and practical training together.



Awesome experience....Great people and amazing teaching work & training......Your thinking about becoming a tattoo artist then this is the right friendly atmosphere...I would recommend a tattoo course to my relatives & friends.
Akshay Nikale
Excellent team work & tattoo training by Bharat Dharoliya. Really friendly and professional. I highly recommend this place, not only because of the outstanding talent but also because of the overall safe atmosphere.
It was the best tattoo course I have ever taken. I learnt a myriad of things during this course which raised my awareness. I met Bharat sir who helped me try more and I learned how I can become an effective tattoo artist. It was a challenging, yet great experience. Wonderful tattoo school, all friendly staff which only added to a great experience.
Dipak Koli
I first met Inkfinite tattoo when I took the tattoo course in 2019. The course was amazing!!! I learnt so much and met a ton of amazing people! I loved the course so much I went to the second course in 2020! again it was amazing! Inkfinite Tattoo School and her team are so knowledgeable and friendly! Learning from her was honestly the best thing that’s happened in my career and I'm always super thankful for her. Thanks Inkfinite!
Laurel Hardy
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