Intermediate Tattoo Courses
Duration: 75 Days (5 Days a Week)
Course Fees: 50,000/- INR

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Intermediate Tattoo Course

Duration: 75 Days (5 Days a Week)
Course Fees: 50,000/- INR

We started this course with the intention to help those talented and dedicated artists who would like to learn the art of tattooing or improving existing techniques to the next level. Inkfinite Tattoo School are emphasises on how to use tattoo equipment, needles, and ink work, as well as client sterilisation and safety. A student gains hands-on experience with the day-to-day operations of a tattoo studio. It will equip you with basics to advance the level of tattoo techniques. By the end of the course will be all set to do an intermediate tattoo course to advanced level of tattoo course. This course is intended to shape you to such an extent that you can readily work with any tattoo studio or a tattoo artist. This course is ideal for ones looking to. pursue tattooing as a carrier. Covers basic to advanced levels of professional tattooing techniques.



I have a complete tattoo course, I absolutely love it!! The instructor Bharatji is so sweet and very informative. He makes sure everyone understands and helps when needed. He gives great tips and insights. His place of business is beautiful and welcoming. Nothing but great vibes and positivity in this class!! I highly recommend her class!! Thank you so much for this wonderful experience. Bharat ji is a trust worthy artist. If you want to learn each and every bit professionally to be a tattoo artist, Inkfinite Tattoo School is your destination.
Rahul Aaher
Keep up the good work Inkfinite Tattoo School guys ....taught me alot and made me a better artist in the field. For someone who is just starting out or wanting to learn, this is the place for you.
Dhananjay Dokhale
SEO Executive
Inkfinite tattoo School is a very good school and definitely helped me a lot in sharpening my tattooing skills. It was a very hands-on experience. Bharat ji who is the main instructor is amazing and very skilled in every field you will be learning.Taking care of your needs and guiding you in the right direction for the right career path for you. So if you are looking to start your journey here , I’d say it’s the perfect start.
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Dipali Patil
SEO Executive
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